10 Effective Ways To Get Rich In The Music Industry

If you see your career as a musician and want to go full time with it, you will need some additional source of income as well. Many people panic when it comes to making additional income. There are multiple sources of music industry income, which can be a relief for musicians starting their career. To make your career profitable, you need to diversify your income sources. If you have good business ideas, earning money as a musician is not that tough. Some creative ideas and the will to succeed is all that you need. Generally, it is tough for young musicians to manage the funds, but some effective money making ideas can help them do it easily. Being consistent with any of these ideas can help a beginner become a great musician.

Top 10 ways to make money as a musician

Selling music

You need to go digital in this. Make your music easily accessible in all the internet platforms. You can also choose a friendly aggregator that does the job for you. Selling CD is another great idea. Make sure that they are affordable and reasonably priced across your gigs. To make your sale a profitable one, duplicate your CD that includes printing and a wrapped case.

Selling merchandise

This is another way of letting people know about your musical works. If you are a musician with many followers, then Band Merch is a big business idea for you. Signed labels and Indie bands can sell their products cheaply. If you want to play some live shows, then print a small batch at your Merch table. This will generate extra income for you. Try making your own T-shirts, badges, buttons or other products. Make sure there’s a high demand for it. To boost your income through merchandise, keep your overheads down.

Play live

This is the most visible way to showcase your work to people. It is also a common way of making money as a musician. Try getting your gigs to make good money through live shows. You must hold a good record in pulling the audience, failing which you might hamper your performance. Being relatively unknown do not expect to make good money. Starting low look at the long term view and build your reputation.

Creating a website

It is one of the best ways to advertise your musical work online. A website is a medium by which you can show your talent to the world. Let your client write his views about your work on your website. You can also ask your client to recommend your work to others. If you like the idea of blogging get started at Giglue site.


YouTube is an efficient way to show your talent through videos. Not only can you make money from YouTube, but also spread your work to people elegantly. If your content is worthy, your video will attract many viewers. Content ID is a digital fingerprint system that lets you manage your copyrights. YouTube compares your uploaded video against the video and audio files registered by content owners. You can learn more about this step when you are sure about proceeding with it.

Teaching Music

Depending on what time you can devote daily, you can teach music to others. You can teach an instrument or you can teach songs. You can always sign up as substitute teacher irrespective of your age. You can then choose the type of class you want to hold in schools. Teaching music online is also another way of earning money. You can make video lessons and upload them on YouTube. Passionate music leaners always seek for quality music content. If you manage to attract satisfactory eyeballs, you will earn a good amount.


Streaming has become quite popular in today’s time. Streaming websites pay royalties when you play video on their website. Payment from each stream is small but they add up gradually. This technique lets new fan discover your music.

Composing songs

If you are good at writing songs then you can sell your work to composers. You can even compose music for television or films. If someone performs your song, you will get royalties for it. You can license your tracks to make money. Licensing your music for visual media, films, campaigns and TV is a good way of getting started.


Every movie or television show needs some background music. Music supervisors always need some fresh tune to apply in their latest works. Licensing is a process that gives you the right to use music. You must try to place your song in some film or television show to avail a licensing fee. Fees depend on how big the project is. Sometimes it also depends on how badly a supervisor needs your work.

Performing in clubs or malls

This is a great way of physically presenting your work before people. Many malls, clubs or hotels need a source of entertaining their customers. Music is one of the best sources for such type of entertainment. Getting the first gig is a difficult one but with consistent efforts, you can earn a good reputation. You may not earn much from this technique but can portray your singing skills.

Though there are multiple ways to earn money the above points are the effective ones. Generating Gigs at Weddings is also a good idea. Wedding is once in a lifetime event in a person’s life. Performing at weddings would let you showcase your instrumental talent as well. Soon you can have a bonafide music business.

Some people love making instrumental music. Such composers might need your assistance. Since you cannot mark your presence everywhere, you can record and create a database online. If you have a collection of old instruments and you want to clean your closet, sell them at various online sites. This is a one-time money-making process.

Now that you have plenty of money-making music ideas don’t stop yourself in making music as your career. Try any of these ideas and see yourself as a great future musician.

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