Explore The World Of Guitar Magazines And Learn The Strategy Of Learning Guitar All By Yourself

There are different ways from which you can learn guitar yourself. There are a number of options such as DVD, CD, books, online membership sites, tablature, teachers and many other options. Among all these, the oldest and the most popular way to learn guitar is from magazines. Guitar magazines are easily available in your nearby market place or any local bookstore. And all those magazines will contain the essential lessons, reviews by important experts, album reviews, interview of famous guitar players, and some of the magazines do contain CD OR DVDs that have video lessons and demonstrations on guitar teaching. Many subscriptions are also available for the different guitar magazines so it is upon you to decide that you want to go for which subscription.

Currently, the most skilled guitarist is Jimi Hendrix.

There are basically 3 types of guitar such as acoustic, electric and bass. And according to the type you can choose that with what type you want to learn and go ahead with.

Few things you need to focus upon before you give a foot forward in learning guitar

  • You are under which stage of guitar learning such as beginner, intermediate, or advanced stage.
  • You are associated with what style of music like hard rock, heavy metal, blues, or country.
  • Things you want to be there in your guitar magazines like tabs, lessons, gear reviews, or album reviews.

Make sure that before you go to buy a guitar magazine focus on the things that you want to be there in your magazine and which magazine will be right for you to use.

Nowadays the guitar magazines have become more guitars oriented and specialized. Now the magazines focus with the acoustic musicians, rock musicians, metal musicians and many more.

These days subscription options are available that can help you in learning guitar with an option of 14 days free trial of guitar teaching. And, after that you can go with the monthly membership and enjoy your learning. Not only this, you can also enjoy some extra features of automatic renewal and cancellation policies.

Best Guitar Websites that you can go through that will help in reaching out with best publication of guitar magazine-

  • Ultimate Guitar
  • MusicRadar
  • JamPlay
  • Songsterr
  • TrueFire

Here are a list of different guitar magazine publications that will help you out in choosing the right one for you

  • Guitar World

Guitar World is currently leading as one of the popular monthly magazine in the market. It contains guitar and bass tablature of mostly around five songs per issue. All the lessons in this magazine are taught according to the levels of beginners and intermediate players. Most of the lessons include tabs and interviews that are in the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal genres. Subscriptions are available for these magazines with a very hefty discount. Also, you can upgrade your subscriptions as per your usage and get a bonus with a cd-rom along with the magazine. These cd-roms include different video lessons, gear demonstrations and music videos from some of the famous guitarists.

  • Total Guitar

Total Magazine is also a monthly magazine. It is from UK and is the most famous guitar magazine in Europe. This is the best option for the beginner guitarists to choose as it mainly focuses on the novice which is essential for the beginner guitarists to learn. It also contains Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, Country and Folk, Blues that are essential things for every stage of guitar learners.

Like other magazines, this magazine does not pay a high focus for articles and expensive gears but rather focus on the basic and important teaching for the beginners. Each magazine from this publication comes with a free CD that contains lessons of audio examples and the best backing tabs for all the different tracks. These backing tabs are essential for the beginners because they have some missing guitar parts so that you can jam along with song and enjoy the guitar playing like a band.

  • Guitar Techniques

Guitar Techniques is a top-notch magazine that is associated with same company Total Guitar. It contains a massive amount of lessons that are present in many genres including Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Jazz and County. This magazine has a specialization in demonstrating the guitar instructions and the guitar shows along with the different forms of music. It includes CD with backing tracks for the various tabs and examples of introduction lessons. You can enjoy all the advantages present in this magazine starting from the beginner tips to some advanced lessons of soloing. It has mentioned all the correct and different styles used by some amazing guitarists including their exact scales and techniques. They will provide you the tabbed examples so it will be convenient for you to catch and play it easily.

The list of current famous guitar magazines that you must know

  • Guitar World Magazine
  • Premier Guitar Magazine
  • Guitar Player Magazine
  • Acoustic Guitar Magazine
  • The Guitar Magazine
  • Guitar Chalk
  • Bass Player Magazine
  • Vintage Guitar Magazine
  • Guitar International Magazine
  • Classical Guitar Magazine

You can also learn the techniques of different guitar players such as-

  • Randy Rhoads
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • BB King
  • Chuck Berry
  • Robert Johnson
  • Eric Captain
  • Eddie Van Halen
  • Jimmy Page

The list of best guitars that you can buy

  • PRS SE Custom 24
  • Gretsch G2622 Streamliner
  • PRS S2 Standard Singlecut Satin
  • Fender Vintera ‘60s Telecaster Bigsby
  • Yamaha Pacifica 112V
  • Ibanez RG550
  • Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro

Now, on the basis of all these different magazines and guidelines, you can easily choose and differentiate among all the types of magazines and go with best magazine that suits your current need.

If someone is looking for a general guitar oriented magazine then Guitar Player Magazine will be the best option to go with. And if you are looking for any particular feature or aspect of playing then there are more advanced and specialized magazines available in the market.

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