Here Are 5 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Playing Musical Instruments

There are several benefits of playing a musical instrument. It builds your confidence and enhances your memory. Moreover, it makes you slow the aging process of your brain. Music is a great companion in times of happiness and woes. But the major reason for learning musical instruments is so important is because of its broad benefits. Musical training has proven to be very beneficial for kids and adults in their overall growth. The excitement of learning a new instrument keeps your brain cells active. The more blood rushes to your brain, the more is your brain activity.

However, you may find difficulty in the beginning. This is known as the beginner’s awe. Whether you are playing guitar or piano or any other musical instrument, you need to remember notes and scales. But you won’t memorize it so quickly. This may lead to disappointment and embarrassment. But you don’t need to worry about that. It happens to everyone when they are starting. The notes are not hit accurately, music is coming out as noise, and your hand hurts. But there are several ways you can improve your skills quickly.

Below are some useful tips and techniques to improve your playing skills and learn a musical instrument swiftly.

Schedule practice sessions

Most musicians play for hours till they find their stint. Even Bryan Adams’ Summer of 69 has these lyrics -played till my fingers bled. But that may not work for you necessarily. Practicing for longer hours tires your brain and muscles. Instead, you can schedule your practice sessions. Take out time from your routine and practice the basics for 30 minutes at most. This will help you get the rhythm and revise the basic notes and chords. It makes things easier to memorize. As you get going with the basics, reduce the time or fragment it likewise. Every day when you learn something new, practice it. But don’t forget to practice the basics again and again. Every musician needs to learn the scales by heart so that they can play any song without searching for the notes or chords of the song.

Now, you have started your journey to learn and improve your playing skills but practicing the old ones isn’t enough. It is time to learn something new.

Learn something new and practice

Playing the repetitive songs and practicing them is good. But that’s just not enough. How would you feel if a person plays the same song on every occasion? It’s boring, right? So, how can you counter that? Now, increase your learning time gradually. Instead of sparing 30 minutes on your musical instrument, play for longer hours. For starters, you can increase the session to 1 hour. In this 1 hour, dedicate the first half to learning something new. Learn new songs, new progressions, new arpeggios, anything new. Fragment the next half into quarters. Dedicate the 15 mins to practice the new technique and focus the rest on the lessons you already know. The practice is the key to improving playing skills.

But you also need to enhance your learning of the music. To do that, you need a guide. So, you can either follow a guitar instructor in your neighborhood or take online classes. It’s up to you on selecting the medium. But if you want to focus on creating music, learn the basics of music from an experienced person.

Take lessons from musicians

The internet has provided you with a magic wand. You can find tutors online or even follow some musicians who are providing online classes. Take notes from the beginning to understand how music is weaved.

This is a sure-shot way to enhance your playing on any musical instrument. The internet is filled with many resources ranging from books to instructional videos to face-to-face interaction. A good teacher will help you understand the flaws and help in your overall musicianship development. There are some “self-taught” musicians also but they also learned by the following someone. Having a mentor to correct you accelerates your playing skills.

Record your playing and jam with other artists

Another great technique to improve your playing skills is to record your playing. When you are playing, you won’t be able to find any flaw because you are immersed in playing only. But when you record and play, you will find some flaws with the timing or dead notes or even flat notes. This will help you improve your playing by correcting the part you feel is not up to the mark.

Secondly, you can also jam with other artists. This is a great learning opportunity for both artists to know each other’s playing skills and areas for improvement. This is known as the complimentary conjugal. So, if you lack any aspect of the musicianship, the other artist covers it up for you or vice versa. You can work together to improve each other likewise. But it is recommended after you have achieved a milestone in your learning and understanding of the basics.

Dedication and hard-work

Lastly, hard work and dedication play an important role in your playing skills. The more you are focussed, the better you get. Consistency also plays a great role in your improvement. Once you fit a schedule in place, you will improve for sure. However, everybody has a different speed of acquiring a new skill set. So, don’t push yourself too hard. Let it come with the flow and you will see amazing results at the end.

Now, be it a guitar or a piano, you will find it easy to work with. If you follow these tips, you will get effective results. Moreover, we recommend you to practice your songs with a metronome. It will help you to maintain your tempo during the whole song. So, keep practicing and don’t lose hope. Soon you will become a pro and make others dance to your tune, literally. You will become the heart of any occasion or gathering and if you pay much attention and devotion, you may also build a career in the music industry. So, keep playing and keep on rolling.

Written by Elizabeth
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