Interesting Facts About Music And 7 Ways How Music Benefits Your Heart, Brain & Health

Is music just about your favorite songs? Or is it about listening to your favorite singers? Well, it is much more than this? But sensibly if we know music, we will realize it is much beyond all this. Music has evolved for ages and is a revolutionary need for life. It is the basic part of our life, the soul of parties and concerts, right! It is about rhythm, it serves a feeling of bliss, it provokes a sense of fun. It is embraced in our state of mind, it provides zeal. It cures mental health and much more. Give a read to this article and know some interesting facts about music.

Music therapy and how it is being used around the world since ancient times?

Music is an indispensable part of human life. Music is intertwined in every action we do the way you breathe and even in the way you move. Music is a soulful act that rejoices you from within and heals your brain.

It is an ancient art that is embraced in the lifestyle of humans ever since civilization started. Music has its importance in every phase of human life from his birth to death. It is a crucial part of all the rituals and functions. It is taught from home to schools and further. It also has significance in literature and learning. So, it’s not just a practical need but more. People study in music and this helps them in promoting music.

How did music therapy begin? 

Music has always helped deal with mental health. Music and emotions have a Nexus between them. Emotions influence music and music influences emotion That’s how it goes. Music not only has an impact on mental health but also has been observed it does a lot two physical health as well.

  • Pythagoras, Plato, and Aristotle all of them have Wrote about the importance of music they have made claims regarding music affecting human behavior and health.
  • In the 1960s clinical trials, we’re done but are done using music and testing hit for healing diseases for a stop next line.
  • In the 1970s, a new age was discovered for music and music lovers where music became a healer.

Benefits of music to our mental health

  • It elevates our mood

It reduces stress and relieves the symptoms of this depression. Read about the story of Trevor, unfortunately, he had a Spinal Cord Injury. He lost faith in life he wasn’t able to do anything due to his illness. One good day he was encouraged by a music therapist and he began to write his music. He used to sit aside his window pane to listen to birds singing each morning. All this music that invaded his life brought him hope of living and brought inspiration to recover.

  • It stimulates memories

Patients with memory loss problems are made to listen to familiar music that stimulates their memory cells and helps them recall things.

  • Helps in recovering from ailments

The easiest way to heal any problem is by listening to music. It eases and manages is pain. Here is a story about Laura, a girl who has was surviving through her hard times. Laura was hospitalized for her bone marrow transplantation. While she was taken to ICU, she lost hope and was frightened. Then Ruth, who was her father chose to strengthen her with music therapy that can help her cope with the situation. Ruth used to play instruments and also made her sing-along, they sang songs, laughed and it eventually rejoiced Laura. She witnessed an amazing recovery and all was made possible because of music therapy as when she lost hope of living music helped her deal with all pain and motivated her to survive.

  • Serves energy

You can play an instrument it keeps your brain active and engaged. Beating drums is so energetic that it alleviates stress with better ability. You can use it during your exercise or workouts, it will not let you get bored but increase intensity that eventually shall help you in getting a fit body. It helps people to eat less. It improves workout endurance. Listening to music while you work will be improving your pace and productivity. Vocal-less music, enhanced concentration

  • Mental health and music

From ages, music is being used in curing various diseases. It has the power to heal various types of problems. It helps in managing stress, it boosts self-confidence, it boosts immune and willingness to fight diseases. It cures a lot of many mental health problems and it has been evident so far.

  • Power of music in ancient times

In India, there was Mughal emperor Akbar. One of 9 gems of his court was Tansen. Tansen was known about his extraordinary and superficial music art. He was indeed a great musician. He used to sing various ragas and each of the ragas has its extreme and observable impacts. He once has sung Deepak rag (Music of light) and soon the temperature started increasing to an extent that he could feel the burn and next moment he started singing Megh Rag (Music of Rain and clouds) and it began to rain heavily.

  • Productivity increases

While you play the music, you will realize that your productivity and performance are enhanced. They can work more with the best outputs. People are so much involved in music that whenever somebody is happy listens to music when one is sad listens to music when someone has to relax, he or she listens to music, when someone has to dance, he or she listens to music. While studying music is used as it enhances the concentration level.

Music is a need and it can’t be escaped. In a nutshell, humans always prefer music no matter whatever they have to do. There are various forms of music and each has its natural charm. Just tune-in to soothing and music and live life more beautifully.

There’s a prominent saying that “Where words leave off, music begins.”

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