The 5 Most Fashionable Rap Artists Of 2021

It has been a great year for rap artists all over the world and not just for their music careers, we take influences from many places in fashion, and after some of the outfits that have been worn on main stages at many creators concerts and show it is hard to ignore the sheer fashion brilliance that is being displayed to the world. For years rap artists were not taken seriously within their professions but now that they have been truly allowed to shine their fashion is becoming worthy of being shown down any high-end runways and catwalks.  



Throughout his career, Drake has been known for his high energy and uplifting performances for his fans as he tours the world sharing his tracks and command of the lyrics he writes. Although he is probably most known for what he has done as a musician he has been making some significant steps in the world of fashion also, after his appearance at the met ball a few years ago it seems that many high-end designers are looking at how they can work with Drake and his unique style to collaborate on a singular project.  


DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled is another very talented artist who has not stopped shocking the world with what he can do, he is very recognizable within the industry as someone who cannot be duplicated no matter how much people try. This attitude and individualism is something that carries onto his style and fashion choices, you will never see Khaled looking anything short of perfect, with his classy show outfits and more casual style of clothing many people around the world are looking at how he combines certain pieces and items of clothing to come up with the final product that you see all over social media. 



The former love interest of Kylie Jenner is also well known for his music career and unique approach to rapping and producing music, like many on this list Tyga is someone who cannot be replicated in any way. He is well known for sporting high-end fashion from very well-known brands, but it always seems that he has access to private collections or one-of-a-kind designs as the pieces he is seen in cannot be sourced anywhere else. If you are looking for a fashion inspiration that is different from the norm the Tyga is definitely the one to look at for inspiration.  



Another huge personality in the rap world who is known for his emotional meaning behind the lyrics he raps and the songs he creates would be Macklemore, this world-famous artist has had some great fashion moments over the years leaving his fans waiting in anticipation for what he is going to do next. In terms of fashion, Macklemore is known for his iconic urban style and one of his most famous looks would probably be the numerous album covers where he is wearing a large fur jacket only adding to his appeal.  


Nicki Minaj

The final rap artist on this list who is definitely worth noting for her amazing fashion and style choices over the last few years would have to be none other than world-famous lyricist and style icon Nicki Minaj. Whether it be her iconic neon outfits or her amazing method of putting together the perfect pieces of κοσμηματα γυναικεια to compliment her outfit. Nicki is another person who will never be caught looking bad or unfashionable and her looks are something that we are going to remember and be taking influence for many more years to come.  

Written by Elizabeth
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