The Best Audio-Editing Software For Music Producers

One of the most interesting and vital areas of the music scene is not on the main stage. In fact, all the real music magic happens behind the closed doors of the studios. Music producers are the unsung heroes of the music world. If it wasn’t for them, all your favorite musicians would not sound as good as they do. Not to mention the instrumentals wouldn’t be as crisp or in time. And a lot of the more electronic sound effects and mixes you hear on modern musical tracks is also down to them.

With modern laptops becoming more powerful and with the new various ways to charge your laptop without a charger, you can take your music production with you wherever you go. So it’s important to have software that can put in the hours. So today we want to take a look at the best Audio-editing software available. We will examine their strengths and weaknesses and give our opinion on which is the best choice for all your audio editing needs.

Audacity 2.2

The latest version of the classic audio editing software platform. Audacity is one of the oldest and most reliable editing software on the market. The biggest upside to audacity is that it is open source. This means anyone can access the source code and make modifications to the program.

There is a  large community of music producers constantly releasing new mods for audacity allowing musicians to get really creative with their projects. In terms of audio quality, audacity isn’t the best. But it’s fantastic considering the app is completely free to use. It is recommended for new podcast creators or independent musicians.

Avid Pro-Tools

The argument about PC vs Mac has been raging for years. And it seems Mac managed to dominate the creative world. A lot of music studios make use of Apple products in their editing suits. This can be a problem if you are collaborating with someone who is working on a different platform.

Avid Pro-Tools provides excellent sound quality and editing control, but its main selling point is its cross-platform functionality. Able to work On PC, Mac, Linux, or any other OS you need it to. If you are going to be working on a big project with lots of producers, this could be the one for you.

Garage Band

If you own an Apple Mac, chances are it has Garage Band pre-installed. And you might be cautious about using the software that comes with the product as, on PC, this software is often lackluster. But part of the massive price-tag that comes with Apple products is quality.

Garage Band is a fantastic editing software for anyone looking to dip their toes into the music editing scene. It allows users to create music completely from scratch. Or to edit their own work to a reasonably good audio quality. The big downside is, of course, it is incompatible with other systems and is fairly limited in what it can do. You won’t see a chart-topping hit produced in Garage Band, but you might find some absolute bops on youtube.


Our Choice

If we had to pick one of this software to name as the winner, it would have to be Avid Pro-Tools. The versatility of it paired with the quality it can produce makes it the standout winner in our books. If you are serious about being a music producer, we highly recommend you invest in this software.

Written by Elizabeth
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