The List of Best Music Magazines by Circulation

Whether you are a professional musician or a hobbyist who likes creating playlists and exploring new bands and music, many music magazines can help you do so. If you are overwhelmed with the expansion of music coverage on the internet, pick the best music journal in print or music magazines that they use to launch weekly and monthly. These music magazines cover popular hits and music trends by famous artists and musicians and update readers about budding artists and music. Below is the list of top music magazines by circulation that is worth reading in 2020.

Alternative Press

It is the most deserving music magazines in this niche. Alternative Press has been the champion in covering the underground substitute music right from its conception in 1985. It is the music magazine covering several critical bands, allowing them an early boost in their professional journey.

The magazine also organized an award ceremony back in 2014, and it was a grand success with over 6000 attendees. Initially, they introduced the music magazine as a mimeo punk music magazine, which they chose to distribute at the concerts. They struggled a lot financially in the early decade, but gradually, they have become a pertinent face in alternative music niches.


The list of top music magazines won’t be complete without mentioning Billboard magazine. It launched around the time of the 1850s, but it got recognition only after 1895, and since its conception, Billboard is the most dominant player within the industry. Everyone appreciates the music magazine for its assessment in reviews and witty writings, but also accessible for the detailed data that makes it popular for the music world. Recently, the magazine commenced covering the pop music industry and entertaining consumers with pop music hits. It also organizes music awards annually,  and an extensive scale of industry events. The forerunner fruit of Billboard is the Hot 100-roll of most appreciated songs and music.

Entertainment Weekly

This magazine has been into service since the 1990s, and hence it is the novice to the world of the music industry. But it has a broader focus on books, TV, film and video and music and gives access to the writers of EW and reviews, thereby making its cognizance worth reading. Apart from the music industry, EW is the only wholesome US publication that brings the news related to music in tangible form weekly. It also has a dedicated website that has ranked on top 10-favored entertainment news terminus on Google. EW has entertainment consumers, and in 2011 it was listed in 7th position for sought-after entertainment news in the USA. It has millions of readers across the world.


Hits is a business application for music that they set in motion in 1986. The people who initiated this music broadcasting worked in the music promotion industry. It also has a website that they launched in the 2000s. The music magazine covers the latest rumors and news of the industry and presents an insider viewpoint and irreverent stories. The task of the magazine is to republish the chats from different sources, including Media base. The insiders consider the magazine as one of the best magazines in the music industry.


Commenced in 1993, Mojo is a magazine that came into existence by a publisher who delivered us Q. It is the British origin music magazine that has its center of attention only on pop artists and past rock. It has its recognition for issuing the top 100-lists in a wide variety of topics. It has also printed some of the series of approved uncommon revision about the issues, ranging from punk music and Pink Floyd. It doesn’t cover the classical music exclusively, and recently it has obtained acclamation for new coverage on relevant artists. This music magazine has helped encourage the creation of magazine-like Uncut and also covers music critics and musicians' reviews.

Music Week

Music Week is a popular music magazine that is equivalent to Billboard. It is a popular commercial magazine for the UK music industry, and it started publishing the magazine in 1959 as the Record Retailer. They renamed it to Music Week in 1972. Over time, the magazine has absorbed all other competitors in the industry. It has published a diversified range of music charts compiled by the magazine's official map. It publishes 51 music magazines in a year. It compiles its music charts using the data from predictors of new talents and DJs.


It is the popular music weekly from the UK that started publishing its magazine back in 1952. This music magazine is mainly known for its sense of build-up, and all bands are bravoed as the next huge phenomena in the magazine before the release of the recordings. The magazine has its recognition for its dedication to turn on a group, just like it has started to benefit from the magazine’s earlier support. It has become an unbound weekly publication beginning in 2015 September. Because of the alteration in the distribution focus, they have garnered the most massive audiences in the history of a music magazine. They recorded distribution of over 3,00,000-magazines.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is the successful giant of US music magazines in the rock genre. In the middle of diminishing readership, the music magazine has turned more hostile in the presentation of prime news events and music world festivals. Commenced in 1967, the music magazine has created a full archive that is available for online readers. The music magazine embroiled in some of the significant journalism controversies back in 2014, the magazine covered a rape story on uni-campuses that included the factors and mistakes that were non-verified before publishing. Despite all such controversies, it received 5-star ratings that helped the magazine to carry much influence in the music world.

So, these are some of the top music magazines which are worth following or reading in 2020. Remember, the magazines are published weekly, and you must keep checking for the latest edition of these music magazines online. Most music magazines have their official website where you can read their publication and latest version for free.

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