The Most Interesting Fringe Music Genres of 2021

The world of music is a diverse one. Modern technology has opened up new musical possibilities that were impossible only twenty years ago. And with new possibilities come new musical genres. These days it is nearly impossible to keep up with all the new genres of music. Every other day I hear someone recommend a new genre to me.

A lot of these genres sit on the fringe of music culture. Underground and known only by the small communities they are built upon. Some exist mainly on streaming services like YouTube. Others are more founded in liver performance. Today we are going to be looking at some of the most interesting and diverse fringe music genres from around the world.


CBD is the newest trend that just won’t stop. It went from a relatively unknown new idea to a fully-fledged industry. CBD vapes, cbd oil for dogs. You can even buy CBD-infused cuts of meat in some countries. And it has even reached the music scene as well. The Lo-Fi genre has been very popular in recent years. But what is CBD Lo-Fi?

Imagine the usual chill, techno beats of Lo-Fi but with a more rasta beat to it. Taking inspiration from the more stoner-related musical genres,m CBD Lo-Fi promises relaxing beats that you can chill out to while relaxing yourself with your fave CBD product.

Electro Swing

Swing music was huge in the ’50s. The era of flappers and massive parties. Jay Gatsby is a perfect embodiment of the 50’s ideals for both music and partying. But as the years went on, swing music was pushed to the side. But now we have seen a resurgence in the form of electro swing.

This music keeps the same musical patterns and beats as swing music but with all the added flair of techno and electronic music. Bands such as Caravan Palace have been leading the charge creating some seriously funky music in this genre. If you ever wondered what music robots would dance to, you should check out some electro swing.

Grunge Funk

This is exactly what it sounds like. A melding of two genres that, at a glance, couldn’t be further apart. Funk is all about upbeat and soul. Bringing out the passion of one’s soul in a way you can dance to. Whereas grunge leans more towards heavy metal. High-octane emotions are backed up by loud beats and intense choruses.

But when the two combine you get something magical. It combines the best of both worlds to create music that has all the heart and soul of funk, paired with the passion of grunge. You can dance to it, but equally, you can head-bang to it as well. It is a true testament to how magical and powerful music is that these two genres can co-exist like this.


Nightcore is an odd music genre that appeals to a very specific subset of people. It is very popular in anime and manga communities. Nightcore isn’t a genre that typically produces its own music, although there are some originals. But the main idea behind nightcore is to take a pre-existing song and up the pitch and speed of it by a few percentages.

This creates a much faster-paced song with higher vocals. And we can’t lie, it is very very catchy. You wouldn’t think this genre should work as well as it does, but we have found it is one of the faster growing musical communities on YouTube and Reddit.

Written by Elizabeth
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