The Summer Solstice: Perfect Songs for a Fireside Party

The summer solstice is on the 21st of June and it is the day that marks the first day of the summer season and it is also the longest and lightest day of the year making it the perfect day for a fireside party. This day was given its name as the words have Latin roots, it comes from the Latin words – sol, which means sun and sister which in Latin means to stand, meaning the sun stands still which happens twice a year so we have a summer and winter solstice. This day is one of the most popular days of the year for people to have a fireside party as it can go on late into the night without getting dark and it’s the perfect way to start a summer.

There are some essentials you’ll need for a fireside party on the summer solstice including enough guests, a nice outdoor spot for the party, flowers, and candles for decorations, and a good propane fire pit that’s really portable as it wouldn’t be a fireside party without a fire. Also, if you want to go all out for the summer solstice theme you could even send out sun invitations prior to the event and get creative and make some summer-themed snacks and treats for your guests on the day.

There are many summer solstice party traditions that you and your guests could also take part in if you wanted to such as attempting a sun ritual as when better to do it than the day the sun is out the longest. Another tradition that is great fun and makes for some great Instagram pictures is providing your guests with sparklers to mark the end of the night and the start of summer. The most important thing for any fireside party is making sure you’ve got the best playlist possible to set the right mood for the party so we’ve helped think of some great songs to add to your party playlist.


Kokomo – The Beach Boys

Kokomo is a popular song by the American rock band The Beach Boys who formed in the 1960s. If you’ve heard the song you’ll know there’s no better way to start off your summer solstice party than with the song. The lyrics are all about the places they want to visit like Aruba and Jamaica and we’re sure now it’s the summer solstice and its holiday season this song will get you and your guests pumped.


Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles

Here Comes The Sun is a hit song by the world-famous British band The Beatles, they released this song on their 1969 album Abbey Road and it quickly became popular and is still a fan favorite today. We’re sure you’ve all been missing the sun during the winter months so you and your guests will have a great time singing along and waiting for the sun to finally arrive.


California Girls – Katy Perry

California Girls is a song by the popular female artist Katy Perry from her 2010 album Teenage Dream, even though this song is over a decade old it would still be near the top of our summer solstice playlist. It also features American rapper Snoop Dogg and has the perfect vibes for a summer solstice party. With the lyrics focusing on many iconic summer things like palm trees, martinis, and sun-kissed skin you’ll be dreaming of your own summer adventures listening to it.


Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey

Summertime Sadness is one of Lana Del Rey’s most famous songs, why not add this to the playlist for the guests who prefer winter and are sad summer has come.

Written by Elizabeth
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