Tips And Points On How To Promote Music And Increase Fans

Whether one is an upcoming new musician or one who is the market for a few years now. As the competition is rising and new musicians are taking the stage, it has become very crucial to grow one fan base. Gone are the days when artists use to struggle to make the public in general aware of their created music and art form. Now, there are several channels and platforms which can be utilized effectively to increase the fan base and also promote the songs and music without any bounds. The trick is to find the right promotion plan and put oneself in front of the crowd.

Build a music brand

Before one decides to increase their fan base, they must have a clear idea about their brand. Every musician out there should have a brand that will make them unique in the crowd. Like, mentioned above, there are hundreds of musicians. Therefore it is very crucial to make oneself stand apart.

One should make one’s presence felt on various platforms and channels. But also, one should make their own identity that is different and recognizable. If one is a single musician, choose a good stage name. If one is a band, give a name that is unique and not redundant by any chance. Also, create an attractive logo and attention-seeking. All these steps will help in substantiating its brand in the music industry.

Tips to promote music

There are several ways to promote one’s music and make sure that they reach the audience properly. One need to mix and match various tools and techniques at first, before finding a way that will actually work.

Some of the popular steps for promoting one’s music are:

  • Play live gigs

now one may think that they require more digital fans or want to increase their social media fans. But, they cannot give lesser importance to live gigs. For musicians, live gigs and shows will always have more importance than anything else. This is one of the best ways to connect to a new audience and people. It is more powerful and helps in audience engagement.

  • Music blogs

one can use their web presence as a way to connect to the audience. Musicians can start their own blog and can write about music, and the industry, this will show a certain sense of authority and knowledge about the art. This will make the audience more intrigued by one’s music. Also, one can try to get featured on various music blogs out there. This way one can reach out to a larger crowd, establish credibility, and find new opportunities.

  • Tie up with other musicians

many tend to think that their musicians are their competitors. But, that is not always true. Sometimes, tieing up with other musicians can be a better way to tap into a larger fan base. Those musicians who create music in the same genre can be a better place to find new fans. One can tie up with them and play at their gigs, feature on their websites, do a collab, etc.

  • Use merchandise and giveaways

everyone likes merchandise. So, one of the best ways to make the fans and audience in general more interested in distributing merchandise. Some promotional gifts with the name of the musicians, band name, or album name is a great way to be in the mind of the audience. One can also invest in some giveaways for their fans, which can have a good effect in attracting new fans.

  • Video content

these days people love watching videos, after all, they are more fun and more entertaining. So if, one wants to gain more fans and what to attract more audiences, the best way is by creating videos. Create videos for music albums and post them on various platforms.

Make use of social media platforms

Today, social media plays a very huge role in the entertainment industry. Entertainers like to use social media as a channel to find new fans, connect with them, and engage with them regularly. There are several social media platforms, and one can choose one or all to establish their social presence. All in all, social media is a great way to enhance promotions.

Some of the ways to enhance social media presence are:

  • Choose social media

for some Instagram may work, for others, Facebook and other Youtube may work. The baseline is to find that perfect channel that will give the best results. It completely depends on the type of audience one has and where to find them.

  • Keep posting

one should spend some time to keep their social media activity fresh and fun. Keep posting new things, write posts, post pictures, videos, etc. People love seeing something that is fun, inspirational, and something that will give an idea about who the artist is. Make the posts personal and close to heart.

  • Engage

one of the best things about social media is that one can easily and freely engage with their fans. Add stories, ask questions, put up polls, have lived with fans and followers, etc. Also, talk to the fans, reply to their comments, and interact to make the fans happier and make them feel appreciated for their support.

  • Work on the page

one should keep their page updated at all times. Make the page interactive, colorful, and fun. Use the pages of social media or timeline to give news about the album, make announcements about gigs and events, post about collabs, etc.

Promoting oneself may not be a one-day thing, but definitely, it can be touted as a doable job. One can learn a few tricks of social media and online marketing, to make one more pervasive and reachable on digital media. Always remember to make the brand more important than the individual. For any type of entertainer, the brand is the way how the fans perceive the artists. Having a good brand reputation is very important if one wants to reach put to a vaster audience.

Written by Elizabeth
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