What Are The Five Tips For A Successful Music Review?

If you are a professional musician, then you must know how to write a good music review. It doesn’t only explain your capabilities as a musician but it can also help other people understand your perspective. While it would be easier for a musician to write a review, there are still a few things that need to be followed before you can write a genuinely good and insightful review. This would require you to follow certain steps. Once everything is done properly, you can write the review perfectly.

The Five tips you should follow for writing a successful music review are:

  1. Should you write a review?

A review should be written by someone who is fairly knowledgable about the components of good music. The best person to write a music review would be a musician or a professional who knows a lot about music.

If you already know about the various components that make music sound great, for example, the theory of music, the notes, the types of music, the beats, etc, then it would be easier for you to analyze a song based on these components. You would easily be able to evaluate whether a song is good or not when you take these components and analyze the work that has been done upon them.

This will help you understand where the songs lack, the shortcomings, and how it could have been improved. Or if it is a good song, you will know why the song sounds as good as it does and how can other musicians incorporate the same in their music.

It will not only help the musicians understand their flaws but can also motivate them to improve and create better music at the same time.

  1. Listening to the music again and again and forming a strong opinion

Before you start writing a review, you should make sure that you have listened to music properly. Even if you feel that the music is terrible since the beginning, you should not skip it and just write a review like that. Try to listen to the music again and again even if it sounds terrible to you. This will help you form a strong opinion about it which would be easier to explain and could be elaborated as required.

To form a strong opinion about the selected music, you should make sure that you have listened to it at least five times. This is the bare minimum that you should listen to it so that your opinion could be considered genuine.

As you listen to the song more and more, you will notice more things about it. How the music is being played, the instruments, the shortcomings or the great aspects, everything. You might even notice some things that you had skipped earlier. When you have grasped everything possible about the song, you can easily write about every specific element and become as elaborative as possible.

  1. It should be descriptive

Your review should be genuine and descriptive. If it is not elaborate or descriptive enough, the people will not consider the review to be helpful. You should explain everything that you think has impacted the overall listening experience of the people. From the sounds of the instruments to the vocals.

However, you should avoid writing musical jargon that people might not be able to understand. If you include too much about some music notes or some specific guitar string, the review would become too difficult for a large audience to understand.

While it is okay to include some musical terms to make your review more descriptive and elaborative, it should still be in a simple language that is easy to understand.

The review should tell about everything that you felt during the song. Which element of the song made you feel sad, happy, or wonderful? How the music managed to impact your opinion about the song? Including all these aspects will make your review seem more genuine. This will make people consider your opinion strongly.

  1. Writing Style

When you are writing a music review, it is important to verify your grammar, spelling mistakes, and other language errors. Something as simple as a language mistake can seriously impact the credibility of your review. People tend to take things less seriously when there are grammatical mistakes and errors even if the review itself was pretty insightful. This is something that should not impact the review, but it still does. So proper grammar is something that you should keep in mind before you finalize your review. This will your review seem professional and credible.

It is also important to use a good style of writing where the sentences make proper sense and are easy to understand. Using complicated words could make the language see good but people will still not understand anything which will make the review less insightful. So, it is extremely important to make sure that your sentences make clear sense and can express your thoughts perfectly. Using active voice more than a passive voice is a good way to make things simple while expressing your thoughts and opinions flawlessly.

It is also important for your review to be persuasive enough. If you feel a certain way about the music, you should be able to express it perfectly in your review. It should be told in a way that the reader is also persuaded to some extent into thinking the same way as you do.

At last, try to keep the review interesting and attractive throughout so that the people read it till the end.

  1. Unbiased Review

It is important to make sure that your review is not biased depending on your preferences. People can smell bias from miles away. Even if you are reviewing your favorite song, you should keep your personal preferences aside and explain the important points from a different perspective.

Once you have included these points, its time to publish your review and make it successful!

Written by Elizabeth
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