Which Streaming Platform is Best for New Musicians 

Platforms to stream music

The development of streaming platforms has made it easier for people to enjoy music as many services allow customers to make a one-off payment that will provide them with music for an entire year, one example is Amazon Music. Amazon Music launched in 2007 is one of the popular music streaming services at a monthly cost of £7.99 or an annual cost of £79. This method of payment is convenient for customers as they will not need to remember to renew their music membership.

In addition, customers who already have Amazon Prime members have access to Amazon Music at no extra cost. Having deals like this appeals to a range of populations including students who may be in financial hardship and are looking for a music service at a cheaper cost. Another music streaming platform is apple music, this comes at the price of £9.99 per month and gives you full access to all songs on the platform. If you have a family apple music has family packages at £14.99 per month. Although many music services provide a great platform to listen to music some are more suited for aspiring musicians wanting to get their music out there such as Spotify and Soundcloud.


As technology has advanced and developed it seems there is a wide range of options to listen to your favorite musicians. As streaming services are being used more frequently the price per month has decreased to an affordable cost. For instance, Spotify is £5 per month for one person, other packages from Spotify allow for more people to use the account. Technological advances over the past decade have supported musicians’ production of songs through their mobile devices or laptops, before this many musicians would need to book a slot in a recording studio.

The music service Spotify founded in 2006 in Sweden has now expanded globally with offices in 17 countries and currently has 345 million monthly listeners. For new musicians aspiring to have their music appreciated and heard by others will benefit from using the streaming platform Spotify. This particular service provides you with the opportunity to buy spotify playlist followers which will help to get your music out there for more people to listen to your original music or covers. The number of playlists will vary depending on the package you buy, some packages include 100 playlists others can include 10,00 playlist followers. Playlist followers’ packages range in cost from £2 for 20 playlist followers to £33 where you can have 10,000 playlist followers. The more followers the better but nonetheless any followers will contribute to your music career.

Soundcloud or Audiomack?

Soundcloud is an online music service that distributes and promotes music provided and or produced by the artist to music lovers and or another artist. This music platform was founded in Berlin in 2007 and currently has 76million users. This service comes at a monthly cost of £5.99 for the Soundcloud Go subscription or £9.99 for the Soundcloud Go+ subscription which provides better quality audio and access to all music on the platform. In recent years some artist has had great success from SoundCloud. One example is Post Malone.  In 2015 he uploaded his song White Iverson which hit over a million views within a one-month period and the music video being produced just 5 months later. He was soon recognized and signed with Republican Records. Additionally, Norwegian DJ Kygo rose to fame after his cover of Ed Sheeran’s I see fire hit 50 million views. This streaming platform is suited for many musicians whether you enjoy distributing original music or covers.

Audiomack is an online music distribution platform that will allow you to upload your music. This platform is free of charge which is appealing to many young aspiring musicians. However, musicians need to be mindful of the potential lack of followers they receive as this is not like other music platforms where you can pay a fee to have your music distributed to others. Both Audiomack and SoundCloud offer similar services, however, SoundCloud may be slightly more intuitive when uploading your own music. Meanwhile, Audiomack does not limit the distribution of music.

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